Make & Restore Classic Air Jordan 1s

The Air Jordan sneaker was not only a game-changer for the basketball court but also for the world of fashion. The first Air Jordan was released in 1985, and it quickly became a sensation. Not only did it provide superior performance on the basketball court, but […]

sustainable footwear materials

What Makes a Shoe Sustainable?

A sustainable shoe brand considers its social and environmental footprint throughout a shoe’s life. Simply put, sustainable shoes usually have lower carbon footprints, are made of sustainable, eco-conscious materials, and are created in ethical factories. There are many ways to incorporate sustainability into footwear design […]

Shoemaking for Designers

Online Shoemaking Course Finder: 7-Point Checklist

Finding the right shoemaking course for YOU is challenging. Attending an in-person footwear course may not be possible if you are a working professional or a student living at home. Also, the cost of in-person footwear training programs may be prohibitively expensive. Check Out Online […]

Wade Motawi teaches shoemaking professional coaching to aspiring shoemakers all around the world.

What is the Shoemakers Academy?

The New Online Shoemaking Resource Shoemakers Academy is an online resource for individuals looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the footwear industry. The website offers a variety of online courses for shoe designers, footwear developers, and brand builders of all levels. These courses […]

Shoe Design : How to make your shoe design a SLAM dunk.

Footwear Manufacturing Skill Builder : How to Select Shoe Materials

How to Select Shoe Materials Build Your Skills! Articles, Textbooks, Online Video Classes Selecting suitable materials for your shoe designs is very important. Your material choices determine the look, quality, price, duty rate, and durability of your footwear project. Honestly, I have made many material […]

Adobe Photoshop For Shoemakers Online course

Adobe Photoshop Online Course

Course Now Open for Enrollment Learn the shortcuts and troubleshooting skills you need to level up your product development, design, and communication skills! Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and essential tool for shoemakers but can be complex and daunting. This course walks beginner and intermediate […]

Footwear Fitting and Comfort Online Shoemaking Course Online shoemaking class

Introducing Footwear Fitting and Comfort Course

Footwear Fitting and Comfort: online course now open for enrollment! Making shoes that fit comfortably and are correctly suited to their function is critical to the success of your shoe brand. This video course takes you step-by-step through the essential footwear fit development process—indispensable knowledge […]

How to Design Shoes Online Course

Sneak Peek into Footwear Courses

Level up your footwear design and development skills! Welcome to the Shoemakers Academy Online Footwear Courses! “The Shoe Dog” takes you on a 90-second sneak peek into Shoemakers Academy online video footwear courses. What do the courses look like?Which courses should I start with?What comes […]