Start Your Own Shoe Company AMA

Shoe Business Start-Ups: Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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It’s Wade, “The Shoe Dog.” 
Today I wanted to share something I’ve noticed among MANY shoe designers and brand builders.
No matter what kind of shoe designs they have…
Or how they choose to start their business…
A lot of them feel overwhelmed and under-supported.
It’s common to feel stuck and overloaded when you are starting a shoe business…
But things don’t have to stay that way.
During this month’s LIVE AMA, I’ll be sharing ESSENTIAL information professional designers and brand builders use to achieve success and build a better shoe brand with LESS effort.

Starting Your Own Shoe Business: Essential Information for Shoe Designers and Shoe Business Brand Builders


Event: The “Starting Your Own Show Business” Model: Essential Information that is Changing the Game for Shoe Designers and Shoe Brand Builders.


Date: Thurs, May 18  -or-  Sat. May 20, 2023
Time: Thursday session at 6 pm US PDT (9 pm EDT).
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Saturday session at 9 am PDT (12 pm EDT).
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Where: This AMA (Ask Me Anything) Event is being held LIVE on Zoom by Wade Motawi, “The Shoe Dog,” himself. Best Selling Author, Course Creator, and Shoe Business Guru.

You DO need to register in order to get the Zoom link and attend.

I hope to see you there,
Wade Motawi, “The Shoe Dog”
Wade Motawi, Best-Selling Author of How to Start Your Own Shoe Company plus four other best-selling shoemaking books and Founder of ShoeMakers Academy ™. 


Our mission is to help aspiring, creative, individuals overcome the challenges of footwear design, development, and starting a shoe brand. 

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Start Your Own Shoe Company AMA

Questions Include: 

  • What’s the best sneaker-designing platform you recommend to anyone?
  • Any recommendations for shoe making and design school one can attend? 
  • Is there a directory of standards to put into our shoe designs?

Questions Continued…

  • What inspired you to design shoes?
  • Where do you buy the best fabric?
  • What are the 3 main components of running a shoe company?
  • What’s the fastest way to get your product out there?
  • Any recommendations to improve my shoe illustration and my 3D drawing techniques?
  • Is there a such material as tumbled suede/nubuck?
  • What’s your opinion on Nike’s ReGrind shoe sole technology?
  • What material does Nike use to make outsoles?
  • Thoughts on cork as a material for sock liners/footbeds?
  • Do you think the Yeezy sneakers are in general overpriced?
  • What is the manufacturing cost difference between foam-molded sneakers 
    vs. traditional multipart sneakers?
  • Are polymer shoes without lining harmful to skin and foot health?